Hey everyone! My name is Dawn Noufer, I’m a senior studying public relations at the University of Oregon. I’ve been told forever that blogging is the thing to do, but I suppose I’ve always been a little intimidated. So here I am, taking the leap. I’m a serious lover of food and wine, so this blog will be a combination of that passion, as well as my knowledge and interest in public relations.

Food and wine have always been a central part of my family. My father is a bona fide foodie-wine lover and he’s passed that along to me. But it’s a little bit more than that. Being that my immediate family lives in Hawaii and my other relatives all live on the “mainland” (as we Hawaiians call it) it’s a rare occasion to get us all in one place at one time. However, in recent years, we have all been gathering in Sonoma, CA for the annual Wine & Food Affair. So for me, good times with family go hand in hand with food and wine.

Anyway, so “what is a decanter?” Well, a decanter is a glass vessel that one may pour a bottle of wine into prior to drinking. What that does is aerate the wine, letting it “breathe”, smoothing  out the texture a bit. So basically, this is the place for my thoughts to “breathe” a bit as well. Life can be pretty hectic so I’m learning to stop and smell the Pinot Noir.

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