Wine…With a record deal

We’re used to celebrities coming out with perfumes. But wine? This is a new concept to me, only brought to my attention this past weekend. Apparently, musicians Train (think that “Hey, Soul Sister” song that was constantly infiltrating your thoughts earlier this year) and Dave Matthews Band have slapped their names on some bottles and placed them on shelves for our consumption.

I tend to avoid similarly branded celebrity products, such as perfumes. And not just because I once smelled Paris Hilton’s perfume. But because, I don’t know, I’d just feel silly. I get that the whole point is for fans to buy the stuff. Obviously I’m not going to buy products from a celebrity I don’t like. So it seems, when it comes down to it, what you’re paying for is a taste of a celebrity’s image, rather than quality. (I’m looking at you, Hilton.) But when it comes to wine, isn’t it what’s in the bottle that counts?

Now I’m a “don’t knock it til you try it” kind of girl. And according to this rundown Dave Matthews Band’s product is quite good. But it seems that these wines don’t sell because of how delicious they are, but more so because of who made them. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t seem likely that Train’s train of thought (heh) was “Let’s create a high-quality wine for wine lovers to enjoy”. In fact, they even say so themselves: “We’re not really trying to get into the wine business or anything. It’s really kind of helping to spread the name out there, and something for our fans.” Mmmm, delicious.

When you get past the fandom, it just seems like you’re left with…publicity for [insert celebrity name here] in a bottle. If that tastes delicious to you, go ahead and buy. I’m not judging. The day Ryan Gosling starts making wine, I’ll be the first in line.

(Photo by HybridSys found here.)

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2 thoughts on “Wine…With a record deal

  1. Uncle B says:

    What a great blog! Impressive, obviously your parents have a lot to do with your journalistic capabilities…..ha ha.

    great job.


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